Meet Bourbon's Cajun Cousin

French Style Rum Aged in Bourbon Barrels

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Noire Rum

Proudly Barrel Aged in Lafayette, LA

Our 5-year-old blend, matured on a combination of white oak and ancestral fruit tree hardwood staves to bring out the perfect cane-cured fullness.

The unique combination of charred ancestral hardwoods and Louisiana fruit trees has resulted in an entirely uncommon and delicious flavor profile. Bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate the full-bodied flavor that our maturation journey produces.

Take a sip; it’s just like coming home after a jaunt in the orchard woods.

Our Process

Before there was bourbon here in the U.S., there was rum. And what better representation of America’s two legendary spirits than our 5 year old blend that sips like a bourbon. While it’s generally assumed a barrel-aged spirit is aged in a white oak barrel… (drum roll)

Noire is matured with a proprietary stave and barrel process. Our hand-charred aged staves include cuttings from local nut and fruit trees like hickory, cherry, persimmon, and pear, not commonly found in distilled spirits.

Warm, Sweet, & Honey Aroma

Tasting Notes

Vanilla & White Oak

Warm, sweet and just the right amount of honeyed perfume aroma

Pipe Tobacco

A slightly taste mingles with Dollops of maple

Black Cherry

Dark stone fruit flavors brought out by aged, ancestral hardwood stave